Zameer Rizvi is an emerging singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. He originally grew up in Saudia Arabia and Pakistan where his interest for rock n' roll music was discouraged. When he moved to Canada at the age of 15 Zameer was finally able to pursue his passion of music and by 2005 was already known as a rising soundsmith in Toronto's music scene. Zameer has earned several accolades since then which have taken him all over the world. Currently he lives in Los Angeles and Phoenix. His various travels inspired his new album Nomad which will be releasing in winter 2018.

Selected accomplishments
- Debut album From Under the Bleachers sold over 30,000 copies

- Song "Win or Defeat" licensed for the television campaign surrounding the 2010 Olympic Games

- Song “Glory of Love” reached #73 on Billboard's Canadian Hot 100 chart - Debut single “Crazy” reached #42 on the Billboard's US Hot 100 Dance Club charts

- Social media presence pushed him to #1 on Billboard's Social Media Charts in 2015

"The Great White North's answer to Eric Clapton" -- Music Canada

"His soulful brand of mood rock is edgy, angst-ridden, and always compelling" -- The Toronto Star

"Zameer's music is honest, sincere, and believable" - Stevie Thompson, 7-time Grammy Winner

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